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We offer the highest caliber of musical instruction through our Music Academy, from beginner to professional levels; live performances and events through our Artist Services; and creation and promotion of new works through our Music Publications.

Our Founder

Michael Schneider

Michael Schneider is a world-renowned classical pianist, active collaborator, educating artist, and composer. He first performed with an orchestra at the age of 11 and, since then, has performed as a soloist and collaborator throughout North America and also abroad in Europe and South America at prestigious venues. Michael has been teaching piano for over 30 years. His passion is to educate music students and ensure that the love and understanding of music is passed on to the next generation.

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What we offer

More Than Music

Exceptional Instruction

We work diligently to establish a strong foundation, preparing students for whatever their musical future may hold. Master the Music’s teaching philosophies and methods are founded based on some of the best pedagogical minds in the world, coupled with over 30 years of experience by founder Dr. Michael Schneider.

Video-Supported Curriculum

For beginning students, we have a defined multi-year curriculum that assists in teaching fundamental music skills. This curriculum is not just paper-based but also includes video modules for students to watch at home while they practice so they can better retain the instruction they received. For advanced students, video modules support repertoire and technique-specific needs.

Incentivized Learning

Through the video-supported curriculum, students have opportunities to earn points and receive badges and certificates for reaching learning goals and milestones. Participation is recognized and rewarded regularly.

Performance & Service Opportunities

In addition to offering traditional recitals multiple times a year, we collaborate with local community centers to offer students the opportunity to see how music can impact lives firsthand. We believe the gift of music is meant to be shared and these types of performances are often powerful experiences for students and audiences alike!

Contest Opportunities

As part of our affiliation with the Texas Music Teachers Association and the Music Teachers National Association, students have the opportunity to participate in multiple different contest opportunities yearly.

Comprehensive Music Education

We focus not just on instrument instruction and proficiency, but a well-rounded music education. No one knows where a student’s musical journey will lead but we believe in preparing that student for all aspects of the journey. Lessons include theory, composition, ensemble opportunities, and more!


Our Studio

Master the Music Academy currently operates from two locations. Our primary teaching studio is located at 8504 Precinct Line Rd., Ste. 180 in Colleyville, TX. This location is just north of North Tarrant Parkway, across the street from Target, and in the State Farm building. The second location is Fort Worth Christian School located at 6200 Holiday Lane, very close to the intersection of Mid-Cities and Davis Blvd. We offer free trial lessons from our primary studio in Colleyville, but you are welcome to take lessons at the location of your choice pending teacher availability.

Recital events are held in various locations around town. Each October, we host a “Musicale in the Park” at the Barfield Pavilion at Northfield Park in North Richland Hills and encourage students to dress up to participate in our annual Costume Contest and have a chance at winning prizes. In December, our holiday program is held at Fort Worth Christian School’s beautiful Performing Arts Center where we have a placed a 7′ Mason & Hamlin grand piano. In the spring, we host a gala performance event at the Lancaster Theater in downtown Grapevine. In addition, TMTA and MCMTA events are located a local colleges and universities throughout Tarrant County and Texas. It’s a great time to join the Master the Music family!

Who we are

Faculty & Staff


The Greater Purpose

The greater purpose of Master the Music is to glorify God through music education, performance, and composition. We believe in establishing a community that will encourage and build up one another in a healthy way with an understanding of where our musical gifts come from and how to serve one another with them. Music is meant to be shared! It is a divine gift imparted to us that is meant to bless our lives.

Master the Music encourages and inspires the next generation of rising musicians by demonstrating that music education within the community can be of the highest level, able to prepare the most gifted students for their journeys, and that it is possible for the professional musician to build a successful career and serve the community they live in at the same time. Too often our post-secondary educational system fails to prepare graduating collegiate musicians for the world that they will face. Most music students graduate with a degree but with no plan for employment after graduation. They are getting by strictly on a gig to gig basis. In our experience, we’ve seen that the average collegiate-trained musician will often go on to get masters or doctorate degrees simply because they are unsure of what to do next. Once those degrees are over, they are oftentimes left in no better position with very few, if any, stable career opportunities. A few bright individuals have figured out creative ways to maintain their craft professionally, talent notwithstanding.

However, at the opposite extreme, we’ve witnessed individuals that have achieved monumental performance success, but it does not fulfill them, it does not always pay the bills, and their lives have ended tragically. Most musicians we know fall in the gap where they have figured out to teach in the school systems or in someone else’s music school and have some regular community gigs (such as yearly competitions or festivals) but, again, this offers little growth to individuals that have growing needs as they mature and eventually have families of their own.

Dr. Michael and Alissa Schneider’s dream is to make Master the Music successful, not just for themselves, but so that others can benefit from the business model they are formulating. Most musicians are not entrepreneurially-minded and they lack the business sense and time needed to start a business. The ultimate goal of Master the Music is to prove its success and then expand into a franchise model with a financially low entry point so that other aspiring professional musicians can experience more freedom and stability in their lives while being able to focus on what they do best: teach, perform, and inspire the next generation.

Thank you for your interest in Master the Music and we hope to welcome you into the Master the Music community very soon!

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